Sunday Lunch at Three in Rugby – ££

Kate’s been a fan of this cute café/bistro style eatery for a while but it was fun to have a “Specsy Ladies” lunch together. Currently every fortnight there’s a Sunday Roast Club. This week it was roast chicken, what’s not to love? It’s possible to have starters and desserts too, well with us that’s a given so thumbs up there.

Starters – Prawn Cocktail & Pate

The Main plate. What we love is that all the veggies are already on the plate, so not only does the presentation look good, anyone who was thinking they might swerve anything green can’t! Don’t get me wrong if you really can’t stomach anything in particular they won’t “force” you but as my 15 year old said on a previous visit “I’m going to have to put my big boy pants on and eat it, aren’t I?!” You bet, he he!IMG_0381

Desserts – Brownie Sundae, Brownie & Lemon Tart. Cheese was also an option.

A carafe of wine and water were our drinks of choice and at the end of our meal Vick offered us a digestif on the house, mmmmm we chose Baileys 🙂

As ever, the most friendly warm welcome from Lisa. The décor is clean and modern but comfy. Looking forward to a fabulous BBQ in the future. Thank you 🙂



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